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Snow Throwers

Snow Throwers come in a variety of different makes and models. It is important to choose a snow thrower that's right for you.

Electric snow throwers are powerful yet lightweight, maneuverable and fume-free. They are great for porches, patios and sidewalks.

Single stage snow throwers are great for clearing walkways and driveways. Their light weight makes them perfect for all types terrain. A single-stage unit has an auger that cleans right down to the pavement. This high speed auger breaks up the snow and throws it out.

Two stage snow throwers are larger, heavier units. They are ideal for large driveways, compacted snow, and heavy snowfall amounts.  The auger in a two-stage snow thrower breaks up the snow and feeds it in to a high-speed fan that throws it out. 


Featured Snow Thrower

Blow off winter worries with this attachment!
Throw snow off long driveways and walkways with our 30-wide Snow Thrower attachment. The powerful single-stage auger chews through dry or wet snow.

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